Road Rules

New Zealanders drive on the left-hand side of the road. Drivers give way (or yield) to all traffic crossing or approaching from the right.
The speed limit is 100km/h on the open road and 50km/h in urban areas. You will find multi-lane motorways and expressways on the approaches to the larger cities, with most roads being dual carriageways. Signposting follows standard international symbols and all distances are in kilometres (km).
Both drivers and passengers must wear a safety belt in both the front and back seats. All children up to the age of seven must be properly restrained by an approved child restraint when travelling in cars or vans.
Get plenty of sleep before a long drive. Take regular breaks - one every two hours and when you get sleepy.
Do not drink alcohol before driving in New Zealand, drinking and driving laws are strictly enforced.

For full details see the NZ Road Code