Christchurch city promises an eclectic mix of historic elegance & contemporary culture. As the gateway to the South Island it's a must-do on any itinerary.

Described by the Lonely Planet as a "vibrant city in transition, coping resiliently and creatively,” Christchurch is showing off its vibrancy with new developments popping up all over the place.

The city has bounced back after a series of earthquakes, and all public services and spaces are running as normal. There’s plenty to do in and around this rapidly changing city, like visiting the Re Start shopping area and Pop Up City bars. Old favourites include the International Antarctic Centre, Orana Wildlife Park and walking, mountain biking or driving through the Port Hills for stunning views of the city and coast.

Motorsport Attractions

Mike Pero Motorsport Park is a permanent circuit racetrack located at Ruapuna Park 25 minutes west of Christchurch